Local Midwives

A number of Midwives work in the Helensville and Northwest Auckland area and are available to be your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) throughout your pregnancy, birth and the few weeks after baby's arrival.

While an independent midwife is the most common LMC, you could also choose a specialist obstetrician, and a small number of GPs also offer their services as LMCs. LMCs are fully funded by the government, so there is no fee for using them. 

It's best to get in touch with a Midwife as soon as possible in your pregnancy. Midwives are able to support you to birth wherever you choose, be that at home, at the Helensville Birthing Centre, or at hospital. They'll organise your maternity care including blood tests, ultrasound scans and any specialist referrals that are necessary. 

The following midwives all have a relationship with us, so are able to use our facilities to support you.

Michelle NaseyMichelle Nasey.jpg

I first thought of becoming a Midwife when as a young student nurse I witnessed the magic of birth, twenty five years later I still find birth magical. I was further inspired by the wonderful Midwives who supported me to birth my own four children at home. I am passionate about supporting women and their families along their pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding journey, giving them the information to make the choices that best suit them. I work in the North West area from Riverhead to Glorit, across to Wainui in the east and Muriwai in the west. I offer birthing at home, Helensville Birthing Centre and Waitakere Hospital.

You can contact me on my cell phone 021 889 794 or send me an email.

Fiona Kerton.jpgFiona Kerton

I am a self employed Midwife working in the West Auckland/Kumeu/Helensville area and only take a small caseload. I have a strong belief in birth as a normal process and work with women to protect and promote normal birth. However the journey of pregnancy, birth and parenting can be unpredictable and my job is to provide you with up to date information, support and, if necessary, intervention and input from other specialist services. I will be a strong advocate for you to help achieve the best outcome for you and your baby. You can choose to birth at home, Helensville Birthing Centre or Waitakere/North Shore hospital. I have a background of working as a registered nurse for 20 years before training as a midwife. I live in Kumeu and I am a mother of 3 gorgeous teenage children.

Please contact me on my mobile 021 073 5721 or email me

Heidi Copland.jpgHeidi Copland

CONGRATULATIONS !!!! I have been working as a Midwife since 1996- first as a labour ward Midwife in the UK specialising in high-risk births and then moving to NZ in 2005 and changing to work as a continuity of care midwife. I look after around 4-5 women a month and take women from West Auckland right up to Glorit and Waitoki in the North. I am very passionate about my job and my aim is to help you achieve the birth you want and to get your partner involved as much as they wish. I work with Kerry Aldworth as my back up who you get to meet at least twice in your pregnancy as well. Clinics are based at either Westgate Medical centre or Helensville Birth Centre - which ever is easier for you. Both have 6 pm appointments if needed. I have 4 children of my own -14,11,9 and 1, all were very different experiences which is why you can never treat women the same.

Please feel free to ring 027 226 6655 or email me for a chat 

Arlene EasthopeArlene Easthope. small.jpg

I offer midwifery care based in West Auckland and cover from Henderson up to Helensville.
I have great confidence in women’s bodies and in the natural process of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum. I have a real passion for midwifery and aim to empower women by giving them up-to-date information to make informed decisions, to grow in confidence as mothers and as women and feel positive about themselves, their bodies and abilities. I believe that continuity of care is the key to effective midwifery. Building an effective working partnership with women and providing holistic care can empower women and promote wellness. Women are the cornerstone of society, by promoting wellness in women, you promote wellness in her whanau and thus in the community.

Providing tailored care I promote primary birthing settings at both home and Helensville Birthing Unit and do have access to Waitakere Hospital if needed.

Please contact me on my mobile 021 292 2998 or email me 

Eartha Healy MW 250.jpgEartha Healy   

 Hi, I'm Eartha Healy a registered midwife living in Kaukapakapa with my husband and four children. I take a small caseload of 2-3 women per month, this allows me time to really get to know the women and families I provide care for. I have a passion for supporting women who chose to birth at home or in the Helensville Birthing Centre. I hold access to Waitakere hospital and support women to birth there if medically needed. I cover from Glorit in the north, out to South Head, down to Muriwai and across to Riverhead in the west.

Phone 027 287 7855 — at Kumeu & Helensville Midwives 


Lisa Woodward

Congratulations on your pregnancy. My name is Lisa Woodward, I am a Midwife covering the north and west of Auckland. My personal philosophy is that the process of childbirth is a normal physiological event perfectly designed by nature to bring babies into the world. It is an instinctive experience that has rhythm and pace, the process of labour works well when the woman is well supported. Women should be encouraged to be active participants in all aspects of their pregnancy and birth. When informed, supported and encouraged to follow their own instincts, women can have a truly empowering experience.

Please contact me on 027 728 6952 or email me

248182_10150186950696572_6220928_n.jpgEmma Ostwind

 I believe pregnancy and childbirth is incredible, resulting in one of the most rewarding and transformative experiences in a woman’s life. In order to protect this natural and instinctive process I am passionate about offering care that is supportive, informative and empowering to you and your family throughout the childbirth continuum, enabling you to make confident choices for your baby and yourself along the way. I am also a qualified naturopath. At Kumeu Midwives I work closely with a team of like-minded midwives and am happy to offer the choice to birth at home, Helensville Birthing Centre or Waitakere Hospital. I take a small caseload each month to ensure individualised care whilst allowing me time with my family - I am the mum of two beautiful school-aged boys. My clinic is run on a Wednesday every week out of Kumeu. Please feel free to contact me with any queries.  

      For new enquiries please phone 0210404768 inside working hours.

Hannah Scheigis  

I believe childbirth is a momentous time in a woman’s life, changing and challenging her very core. I am very passionate about supporting women in owning and leading their own birth experience. I provide individualised, safe, woman centred care during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postnatal period up to six weeks. I believe childbirth is a natural and normal life event. Women should be empowered to make informed decisions around their pregnancy and their baby/s. I am happy and confident to support your birth at a birthing unit, home or at Waitakere Hospital. I was born in New Zealand and live in Waimauku with my very supportive Husband and two children. My clinic space is based in Kumeu at 20a Access Road. I run clinic 8.30-5pm Thursdays. Please feel free to email, call or text me if you would like to talk further.

    Please call or txt me 9-5 Mon-Fri to have a chat on 022 090 1943, or email hannahthemidwife@gmail.com


      Jennie Downs

Please contact me on 021 456 566

Linda Drake-Yee

I have been a midwife for 20 years and am still amazed at the uniqueness of each woman’s experience. I have worked in all areas of midwifery but my passion and expertise lies in birthing unit (usually Helensville Birthing Centre) and home birth. My closest, local hospital is Waitakere (WDHB). I hope to support, encourage and empower women and their families to have the best start to this important journey. I live in Muriwai and hold a clinic in Helensville. I’m a member of the Helensville and Kumeu Midwives and care for women in North/North West Auckland. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

You can reach me via - mobile - 021713020 - landline - 094115399 - email - lindadrake57@yahoo.co.nz

Louise Clunie. 179px x 179px.jpg  Louise Clunie

I fell in love with Midwifery after being supported by amazing midwives throughout my four births at Helensville Birthing Centre. Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are incredible life changing experiences. My role is to walk alongside you, providing support and up to date information, enabling you to make choices and decisions that suit you and your family. I have lived within the Helensville community for over 20 years and offer midwifery care in the North West area from Kumeu to Makarau, supporting you to either birth at home, Helensville Birthing Centre, or Waitakere Hospital. My clinic is based in Helensville.

     Please contact me by phone 0220498300 or email louiseclunie6@gmail.com

Tulsi Parsons 200x200px.jpg Tulsi Parsons

Congratulations on your pregnancy! My name is Tulsi and I live in North-West Auckland with my family. Having children of my own inspired my path to midwifery, and I am passionate about working in partnership with women and birthing people to have a positive and meaningful birth experience. Having a baby is such a transformative time in your life, and it is a privilege to work in the childbirth space. My aim is to nurture and support you to make informed choices that are right for you on your unique journey. Birth is a beautiful natural process and with the right support can create confidence and empowerment. My clinic is in Kumeu and I work with a wonderful supportive team of midwives from the Helensville-Kumeu area. I can support you to birth at home, the Helensville Birth Centre, or Waitakere Hospital.

     Please phone 0226788441 or email tulsimidwife@gmail.com

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