Labour and Birth

Choosing where to labour and birth is one of the most important decisions a pregnant woman makes.

Research shows that where a woman labours affects the progress of her labour and the outcome. Women labouring and birthing in primary units, such as the Helensville Birthing Centre, use less pain relief and have fewer caesarean sections and forceps deliveries than women who birth in hospital. Breastfeeding outcomes are better and women report higher levels of satisfaction. If you are having a normal pregnancy, talk to your LMC about the benefits of birthing in a primary unit.

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Our birthing room is spacious and quiet. There is a large birthing pool and equipment available to support you to birth naturally. Your partner and support people are welcome.

If, for medical reasons, you need to have your baby in hospital it is likely you can transfer to Helensville Birthing Centre for your postnatal stay.

Our staff will work alongside your LMC and any other specialists you wish to include, in your labour and birth. Your partner and/or support people are welcome to attend and be with you during your labour and birth. Your LMC will give you some suggestions of what may be useful to bring with you.

A small number of women (around one in 10) will need to transfer to hospital for secondary care, their LMC accompanies them. Referral guidelines and strong, well established relationships with specialists and secondary care maternity services at both Waitakere and North Shore Hospitals ensure any complications can be dealt with quickly to ensure a mother and baby’s optimal health and safety. 

When you have decided that you'd like to give birth at Helensville Birthing Centre, you need to make a booking. Please download and print both pages of the booking form below:

Booking Form

Post, fax or email to Helensville Birthing Centre Please make sure all areas are complete and the form has been signed by your LMC and you. Note: Your LMC needs a current Access Agreement with Helensville Birthing Centre

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