"Both of my sons have been born at the Helensville Birthing Centre and both times it has been a really positive time with so much care and support from the staff. I left the birthing centre with my first son feeling empowered as a mother due to the way that my son and I were treated with respect at all times and the second time I was there was just as wonderful and empowering. Thanks to all the staff that cared for us each time - the support and space to get to know my new babies was really appreciated."

Melanie Martin

"When I found out Helensville had a birthing centre I knew straight away that I wanted to have my first baby there. What a fantastic facility we have — a beautiful large birthing room with a birthing pool, queen sized bed and lovely aftercare rooms all with ensuites. I had requested in my birth plan a dark quiet room and when I arrived it was just that — welcoming, warm & dark. It was 9pm and I couldn't wait to get into the birthing pool that was being filled. The feeling of warmth and weightlessness was amazing and I'd highly recommend it to all mothers to be. At 11:34pm and completely drug free, I lifted my baby girl, Indiana out of the water; she was the best Father's Day gift I could ever give to my partner, Trent. Shortly after, I was transferred to my lovely, spacious, home-away-from-home bedroom. Our visitors commented on how wonderful it was. The staff were so helpful, the food was excellent and it was amazing having the support of the lactation consultants there. If you're able to, choose Helensville Birthing Centre — it's a real treasure and I'm certain it helped me to have a short, smooth birth as I felt so safe and comfortable."

Cherienne Brown

"In July when our little guy was born by emergency caesarean we were fortunate enough to stay at the Helensville Birthing Centre for three nights. It felt like we were there for a week and came home confident thanks to all the wonderful staff who not only looked after us but nourished me and taught me so many little tips and tricks to help establish a happy breastfeeding relationship with my baby. I arrived still in shock and not really knowing what I was doing as a first-time mum and the gentle care and encouragement I was given in the most respectful way was priceless. When we first arrived we were advised to treat the place like Grandma's house and from the very beginning, I was comfortable. I felt like I was staying with family — as if a group of aunties were there for me to help with anything. I asked so many questions and left armed with a wealth of knowledge. It really was the very best start for our wee family and I am very thankful to all the staff."

Victoria Gardner

Hi Michelle (and other staff), Since I had my baby at Helensville Birthing centre in May this year I have been asked by many people about my experience birthing at the unit. I am always very pleased to tell them it was the most positive, relaxed birth with the best support both for the birth and the following few days of aftercare. Before I had met my midwife and visited the Birthing unit I had expected to have my baby in a Hospital and most likely have an epidural as Labour would be the horrible painful experience were told it is but a thing you must do to get your baby. However, using hypnobirthing techniques and being surrounded by calm supportive midwifes in a nurturing environment I now feel that giving birth is a natural part of life, not a medical procedure that requires hospitalisation (assuming there are no pre-existing issues). I owe so much to the the Helensville Birthing Centre and the team of midwives/ lactation consultants and staff at the centre. The 24 hour support helped me and my husband to have a really positive birth and the days after were invaluable. I would recommend giving birth at Helensville and perhaps even more importantly for mothers to spend a couple of days in the centre to learn how to feed and care for their baby with help so readily available. I feel all midwives operating in the area should be encouraging new mothers especially to spend time in the centre as 2 days of education and support can have a profound effect on the next several months and in all likelyhood the rest of their lives. Thank you again

Johanna Sorensen

"We feel really lucky to have been given the opportunity to stay at the Helensville Birth Centre following our first baby’s birth which didn’t go to plan at all and ended up an emergency C-section at Waitakere Hospital. The expert care, attention and empathy we received at the Birth Centre turned what had been a bit of a traumatic start into a really lovely and memorable experience. Having my partner Jake able to stay overnight with me was really special and a great way to begin our life as a family of three. Everything, from the fabulous and plentiful food, to the comfortable rooms and ensuites to the 24-hour support with baby and breastfeeding — we’d recommend this place in a heartbeat. Our second baby is now due and we’re already looking forward to staying there again to ensure we can bank some rest before heading home with a newborn."

Michelle Gimblett

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