Hours & Directions

Visiting Hours and Guidelines

Here at the Helensville Birthing Centre, we believe it’s really important for all new mothers to feel supported by their whānau.

Your support person may be with you at any time, and stay overnight.

DUE TO COVID-19 VISITORS ARE CURRENTLY LIMITED. You may have four nominated visitors, two only at one time.  

Visitors will be screened prior to admission

Visiting hours are 1 – 3pm and 5 – 7pm

No children under the age of 16 years may visit, except for siblings of the newborn who may visit during visiting hours.

Our Facilities


We are located on the main street in central Helensville, next to the Kaipara Medical Centre at 53–65 Commercial Road, Helensville.

If you are travelling from the south, we suggest you take the SH16 route, unless you are familiar with local roads.

Car parks are available both directly outside the centre and in the surrounding .


If you are in labour or transferring to us for your postnatal admission after having your pēpi elsewhere – drive around to the back of the building, walk up the ramp and press the buzzer at the back door. The staff will answer and let you in.

Others and visitors – please enter at the Kaipara Medical Centre entrance, walk up the ramp and follow the signs to our front door. Press the buzzer and the staff will answer and let you in.