Facilities at Helensville Birth Centre

Our facilities

Helensville Birthing Centre is a primary birthing facility offering a comfortable, private and supportive environment for normal birth. With four private overnight stay rooms and a full kitchen and meal provision, our Centre is well staffed and focuses on ensuring our mothers and their newborns have all the rest, support and care they need. A peaceful outdoor space — Charm’s Garden — has been created for families and siblings to relax outdoors and bond with the new baby.

Our Birthing Room

Our birthing room is spacious, allowing plenty of room to be active and upright while you labour supported by those you choose to have with you. Equipment such as birthing balls and wall bars are available for your use. Our birthing pool is deep, enabling you to be immersed enough to enhance your labour hormones and promotes privacy and relaxation. 

Post-natal Stay Rooms

All our postnatal rooms provide the comforts of home. Each has a double bed with side car cot attached so baby is close to you. Each room has the privacy of its own bathroom, and a TV with access to educational videos. A portable phone enables you to have easy contact with Birthing Centre staff. 

Meals & Kitchen Facilities

All meals are provided for the women who stay with us. There are usually fresh salad options for lunch and healthy dinners provided by our caterer. Partners need to provide their own food but there is fridge space allocated to each room and there are several nearby food outlets. A variety of hot beverages and snacks are available at all times.

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