1,000th Baby Born At Helensville Birthing Centre

November 19, 2019 12:38 am


When baby Beauden Fox Scown entered the world on 19 August 2019 he didn’t realise he was making the first of what may well be a lifetime of moments worthy of public recognition.

His birth at Helensville Birthing Centre made him the 1,000th baby to be born at the centre since it opened in 2000 in its current guise as a primary maternity facility.

To mark the occasion Helensville Birthing Centre gifted his mother Carey Sym a family photoshoot with local photographer Belinda Coles.

Carey is looking forward to having some updated photos of Beauden with his two older brothers.

Carey loved her waterbirth at Helensville Birthing Centre. She says she had such an amazing experience staying at Helensville after having her first baby she decided she wanted to give birth to Beauden there.

New Zealand and international research shows that for women having a normally progressing pregnancy choosing to birth at a primary unit is safe for mother and baby, there are lower levels of intervention and women are more satisfied with their birthing experience.

Local midwife and manager of Helensville Birthing Centre Michelle Nasey says, “more women and their families are making informed choices to birth at Helensville when they understand the risks and benefits of different places of birth.”

And mothers who choose Helensville Birthing Centre for their delivery and or post-natal stay in early 2020 will also enjoy a refreshed and updated décor.

“The number of families using the centre have increased significantly over recent years and consequently our facility is looking a little tired and dated, so we are looking forward to having a fresh and welcoming environment for all our new families,” says Michelle Nasey.