Book of Gratitude

December 1, 2017 12:23 am


Two local mothers have presented the Helensville Birthing Centre team with a beautiful hardcover book in appreciation for the dedicated work of the midwives and staff at the centre.

The book features photos and testimonials from a number of parents who have given birth or received post-birth care at the facility and was the initiative of local mums, Emily Dickson and Katey Jackson.

Lactation Consultant Debbie Tetlow says “the gift was a surprise and very humbling and made us a little teary.”

Here is a small sample of some of the words from parents included in the book:

“The whole experience staying at the birthing centre and having hands-on support from the incredibly hard working lactation consultants and midwives was just beautiful.”

“The staff empower not only mothers but also fathers with their knowledge and kindness.”

“I have three beautiful boys all of which have been through the Helensville Birthing Centre for aftercare and all of which have been through the LC’s for different reasons. I’ve been able to have extended breastfeeding relationships with all of them and so much of this I put down to the support and care offered by the LC’s and the holistic approach offered in the wider community.”

“I’m very grateful that Michelle, Emma and Fiona supported me to have a home birth like I wanted to. Both Steve and I were blown away with how fantastic they all were. It was the most challenging and intense experience of my life and along with Steve they were the best support people I could have wished for. And Elsie is the best reward.”