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I’m Amy and I have one daughter and live at Muriwai Beach. I have an interest in holistic health. My daughter and I had a challenging start to breastfeeding but we were lucky enough to receive amazing support to make breastfeeding a success. I believe it’s every mother’s right to get the support she needs to meet her breastfeeding goals. I have experience with: Homebirth, Difficulty latching, Tongue tie, Frenotomy, Nipple pain, Misshapen nipples after breastfeeding, Long breastfeeding times, Pumping, Paced bottle feeding, Feeding with a lactaid, Anxiety while breastfeeding, Extended nipple shield use, Mastitis, Boosting supply, Co-sleeping, Different breastfeeding positions, Scratching, Pinching, Biting, Twiddling, Distracted breastfeeding, ‘Gymnurstics’ and Breastfeeding a toddler.

You can contact me through the Helensville Breastfeeding Support Fb page

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