Belinda Coles & Ashton (7), Harry (5) & Leo (9 Months)

December 1, 2020 10:20 pm

I feel incredibly blessed to have been a member of the Helensville community and having access to not only great midwives but a fabulous birthing centre and maternity support system as a whole. I have three beautiful boys all of which have been through the Helensville Birthing Centre for after care, and all of which have been through the LC’s for different reasons. I’ve been able to have extended breast feeding relationships with all of them and so much of this I put down to the support and care offered by the LC’s, and the holistic approach offered in the wider community. For such a small community I firmly believe the approach and care we receive is THE best in NZ and I am so proud of the centre and all its achieved. Congratulations Debbie and the team for such a massive achievement!