Johanna Sorensen

December 1, 2020 10:33 pm

Hi Michelle (and other staff), Since I had my baby at Helensville Birthing centre in May this year I have been asked by many people about my experience birthing at the unit. I am always very pleased to tell them it was the most positive, relaxed birth with the best support both for the birth and the following few days of aftercare. Before I had met my midwife and visited the Birthing unit I had expected to have my baby in a Hospital and most likely have an epidural as Labour would be the horrible painful experience were told it is but a thing you must do to get your baby. However, using hypnobirthing techniques and being surrounded by calm supportive midwifes in a nurturing environment I now feel that giving birth is a natural part of life, not a medical procedure that requires hospitalisation (assuming there are no pre-existing issues). I owe so much to the the Helensville Birthing Centre and the team of midwives/ lactation consultants and staff at the centre. The 24 hour support helped me and my husband to have a really positive birth and the days after were invaluable. I would recommend giving birth at Helensville and perhaps even more importantly for mothers to spend a couple of days in the centre to learn how to feed and care for their baby with help so readily available. I feel all midwives operating in the area should be encouraging new mothers especially to spend time in the centre as 2 days of education and support can have a profound effect on the next several months and in all likelyhood the rest of their lives. Thank you again