Rachel Mccoll

December 1, 2020 10:44 pm

I’m incredibly grateful for the team at the Helensville Birthing Unit. I gave birth the first time there and stayed three nights afterwards. Being able to call upon the staff night or day for assistance in establishing breastfeeding was amazing. I felt so supported and no question of mine went unanswered. After I left the birthing centre, breastfeeding didn’t feel totally right and there was some pain. Although I wasn’t in agony I was frustrated at not being able to get it right! I met with one of the lactation consultants, Marie, and a minor tongue-tie was diagnosed. Marie encouraged me that I was doing everything right otherwise and was very supportive. I went in to have the tongue-tie released and gradually over time breastfeeding became wonderful and natural. I continued until my son was 16 months old when he self-weaned. Thank you to Michelle, my midwife, Marie, my lactation consultant, and all the staff that are on call 24/7 at the birthing centre to help with breastfeeding. Your support is incredible and so valued!