What’s happening at Helensville Birthing Centre? We’re abuzz with a record number of births in May.

July 10, 2024 9:18 am

Helensville Birthing Centre (HBC) broke records in May 2024 with our highest number of births in a month. Staff and whānau experienced such a positive, happy vibe as we welcomed the birth of 11 babies.

Although not quite a record, we also had one of our higher months of postnatal admissions – 45. Māmā who birthed at the Centre, or elsewhere, got to rest and recover in our private postnatal rooms, enjoy nutritious meals, round-the-clock care – from our midwives and lactation consultants – and a quiet cuppa in our peaceful Charm’s Garden.

Even if you choose to birth at home or at hospital, transferring and staying at the Centre in those precious early days is a great way to bond with your baby and establish breastfeeding.

Welcome little ones! We said hello to 7 baby girls and 4 boys in May.

These numbers may seem small by hospital standards – but this is deliberate. Our low ratios mean our staff work in excellent conditions and every māmā and pēpi experiences comfort, privacy, and as much 1:1 care as they need for the duration of their stay.

You can read more about the benefits of a postnatal stay at HBC here.

Of the 11 pēpi born, seven were waterbirths – that’s 66%!


Are you considering a water birth?

HBC is well-equipped to support you to labour and birth in the water. Our large, deep birthing pool is safe, clean, and heated to an optimum temperature. And it’s easy to exit, re-enter, and change your positions during labour.

For low-risk pregnancies – and under the right conditions with experienced staff – labouring and birthing in water is safe and can help improve your overall experience.

The New Zealand College of Midwives “supports warm water immersion for women during labour” and adds, “Women who make an informed choice to give birth in water should be given every opportunity and assistance to do so by midwives who have the appropriate knowledge base.”

Your midwife can help you make an informed choice on whether labouring and birthing in water is right for you.

Here are some of the benefits water immersion during labour can offer:

  • Natural pain relief.
  • Calming your nerves and body – the water is naturally soothing.
  • May reduce the need for an epidural.
  • May increase maternal satisfaction – allowing you to feel more present and connected during your labour and birth.
  • May improve positioning of pēpi during labour
  • May shorten the length of the first stage of labour.


A busy month in general – Midwives Day, Mothers’ Day and our call out for new staff!

On 5th May, we celebrated the International Day of Midwives. This year’s focus was on climate change and how midwives are a vital climate solution. Helensville Birthing Centre cares deeply about sustainability – including using local caterers, worm bins, and cloth nappies – to benefit your whānau and the planet now and into the future.

On 12th May we celebrated Mother’s Day and thanked all the wonderful māmā for doing one of the most important roles out there!

Finally, we also sent the call out for a new health care assistant and registered midwives or nurses. Stay tuned for some updates.

The Centre is going from strength to strength which is great news for our community as we can support more women to give birth and stay in a primary maternity facility.


Don’t forget our drop-in clinic – Te Hā Tama Ariki

Located at 1 Porter Crescent (just around the corner from the Centre), and open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Te Hā Tama Ariki offers a range of maternity and postpartum services including:

  • women’s health screening
  • pre-pregnancy advice
  • prescriptions
  • free pregnancy testing
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding care
  • advice, support and referrals
  • wellbeing workshops – including pelvic floor support and baby massage
  • space to connect with other māmā over coffee and cake.


It’s getting cold out there!

At the drop-in clinic we also have some lovingly knitted woollen blankets and beanies for families in need this winter. And if you need more baby clothes and bedding to keep your pēpi warm, we can connect you with other services in the local area.

Whether you’re looking for support, advice and care during your pregnancy, postnatal or breastfeeding journey, we’d love to help. Please come to our drop-in clinic during opening hours. Remember, you don’t need an appointment or referral.