What’s it like to give birth at Helensville Birthing Centre?

October 6, 2022 1:22 pm

Your questions answered


Can I give birth at Helensville Birthing Centre?

If your pregnancy is low risk, progressing normally, and without any complications, you can choose to have your baby at Helensville Birthing Centre (HBC).


Can my midwife support me to give birth here?

Even if your Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) midwife is not local, they can support you to birth here at HBC.

All LMC midwives can support eligible women to birth at HBC. If your midwife is not familiar with working here, we will provide midwifery support for them during your labour and birth.

The midwives that care for women birthing at HBC are experienced at providing birthing support in rural environments.


Can I be transferred to the hospital if I need to?

Yes, you can labour at HBC and be transferred to hospital for further care or pain relief. Our midwives will ensure safe and timely transfers to hospital if you need it.


What are the statistics for vaginal births at HBC?

In the year ending June 2021, 98% of women who began labour care with their LMC at HBC had vaginal births.

Women who give birth at home or in a birthing centre or small maternity unit are more likely to have a vaginal birth than those who give birth in hospital.  Manatū Hauora – Where to give birth


Can I labour and birth in a birthing pool?

Yes, we have a spacious birthing pool. Many women enjoy being immersed in its deep, soothing warm water during labour and birthing.

In the year ending June 2021, we had 69 births at HBC. Of these 69 births, 29 women gave birth in the pool and many more used the pool for pain relief and comfort during labour.

The warm water helps you relax and enhances the natural flow of labour hormones.


I want an experience like a home birth – can I recreate that atmosphere at HBC?

At HBC, we respect your need for privacy, warmth, and the space to move around freely while feeling secure and supported. We dim the lights, and you have access to fairy lights for soft, warm lighting. You can bring in some special items from home – and your own music – to make the experience yours.

We’ve had some partners bring in guitars and play which has created a lovely calming feel for birthing māmās.

We’ve also recently updated our soft furnishings to make the rooms feel even more homely, calm and familiar.

The double bed is low which makes it easy for you to move on and off and for your partner or support person to support you.

This soft and gentle atmosphere helps promote the flow of hormones that are needed for labour, and birth to progress naturally and safely.

As well as these home comforts, we have equipment you can use – like our birthing balls and wall bars – during your labour.


What other benefits are there for birthing at HBC?

Close to home: Many women have told us that they love birthing close to home and then staying in one of our four postnatal rooms where they’re nurtured by our staff and enjoy nutritious meals. It means you don’t have to worry about travelling to Waitākere Hospital – and getting stuck in traffic on the busy Northwestern motorway.

Skin to skin: Māmās and their partners also enjoy uninterrupted skin-to-skin time with their baby after birth which helps with early bonding and promoting positive breastfeeding outcomes. From the birthing room, there’s only a short walk down the hallway to the comfortable postnatal rooms so whānau can snuggle in for the after-birth stay.

Breastfeeding support: We can also support you with breastfeeding and have experienced lactation consultants who you can talk to.

Rest and recharge in our garden: Plus, after birth you get to enjoy our beautiful and peaceful Charm’s Garden where you can rest, bond with your baby, and enjoy nature.


I’d like to give birth at Helensville Birthing Centre. What next?

 We’re thrilled you’d like to give birth here. Before you book, we can give you a quick tour of our centre, so you can see the facilities for yourself. Contact us if you’d like to come for a look.

The next step is to make a booking. Please download and print both pages of the booking form below and post or email to HBC.

Please complete all areas of the form and ensure it has been signed by you and your LMC. Note: Your LMC needs a current access agreement with Helensville Birthing Centre.

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